1. Iron Dove
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Iron Dove
© 2007 Holly Leer/HollyHawk Music BMI

I remember the last time she saw the sun
She wished it could stay forever
But she knew when the day was done
It would fade away.

She held on for a long time
She put up a fight
Then just like the setting sun
She slipped into the night.

She was an iron dove.
She fought for her beliefs.
She laughed in the face of love,
and found strength in her defeats.
She danced to her own drummer,
and she never judged the fool.
And in that final summer
she knew Life can be so cruel.
But she danced, yeah, she danced.

She was born a restless girl,
always searching for something.
She left home to just change the world.
She tried to find a way.

Then Fate chose a different road,
and she abandoned all her schemes.
So when she held her baby boy,
she filled him with her dreams.


When the pain stirs my memory
I try to see the good
She created the rest of me
I hope she understood

If I have just one regret
It’s that I never knew her well
But she gave me the greatest gift
I’m still under his spell